Social Networks Event Promotions

Social Networking is a key to your next events success. With over 600 million people on Facebook alone promoters have to consider social networking one of their best means of advertising. With Trinity Tickets we do the hard work for you. Every event you ticket with us we customize the Meta Data that is sent to the Social Networks and Search Engines.

When someone uses the social networking links provided on your event page the information sent out to the social networks and search engines is specific to your event. We control what is posted so that gets you a post or tweet with your relevant event information. We can add the event date, time, location, ticket prices, ticket discounts or a event description. We can even direct people to your Facebook page and have them like your page before buying tickets from your Facebook Fan Page.

This is one of the ways Trinity Tickets helps you build your brand and sell more tickets. Have a look at the examples below then when you are ready to ticket your event give us a call.


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