Why Trinity Tickets

The Trinity Tickets Promise

Any ticket platform can sell your tickets. At Trinity Tickets we want to partner with you and create a long term relationship that will last for years to come. Below is a list of features we believe makes our system a little better than everyone else. So take the tour of our site and If you like what you see give us a call. We pride ourselves on customer service and support, when all the other ticket companies are  gone for the day we still answer your call and take care of any problems or just answer a few questions.


Compare Features Trinity Tickets
Everyone Else
Custom Branding
Custom match your existing website using your Domain Name and it’s 100% Free.
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Social Marketing
Trinity Tickets has integrated with the most popular social networking sites to insure that your customers find your events and you sell more tickets.
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Custom Print@Home Ticket
Sell sponsorships or advertising on your 100% customizable Print@Home Ticket
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Event Creation
We know you are busy and have other things to do. That’s why we offer our event creation service. Fill out a simple online form and let us create your event. Always Free!!
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Set Convenience Fees
There are no hidden fees with Trinity Tickets and you get 100% of our features regardless of your fee structure. We don’t charge more for better service or features. EVER
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 Merchant Services
All ticket purchases are collected using our Merchant Services Account and we can set up options to pay you Weekly. This way you get the best possible rate for processing.
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Comp Tickets
Trinity Tickets comp tickets are always free. Give us a list and we send the tickets out for you. You have more important things to do with your time.
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E-mail Blasts
Trinity Tickets has a built in e-mail system. You can build your own HTML E-blast or thank your patrons for attending your event. It’s 100% Free all the time.
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Call Center
Our customized call center is available for all of your events and for your patrons that just have questions. You don’t have to buy a special package to use it either.
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The Total Package
Trinity Tickets has everything you need in one package with one price structure there is no need for multiple price packages. We offer the True Total Package.
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Discount Codes
Create as many discount codes as you like. Set them to auto activate or expire. With Trinity Tickets you set up your discount codes once then forget about them.
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Affiliate Program
Set up your street teams and other online sources using our affiliate program and reward their hard work with cash or prizes.
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Free Ticket Scanning App
Download our free ticket scanning app to any smart phone or IPad Touch. If you need ticket scanners we can send you ours free of charge. You just pay the freight.
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Daily E-mail Report
Don’t want to log-in and check your sales daily. We can setup a daily E-mail that sends you the report at 8:00 am. We can do the same for artist management if needed.
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Submit To Search Engines
Every event on the Trinity Tickets site and our Private Branded solutions are submitted to all of the major search engines. It’s a great long term Private Branded tool.
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Meta Tags And Meta Data
We tag every event with relevant Meta Tags and Meta Data this way a search produces results and social network post have relevant information about your event.
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